Open Letter To My Something

Dear my something,

We’ve dated so maybe your my ex. The thing is you still tell me your going to marry me. What does that make us? I know what it makes me. Stupid. I believe you every time. Your a complete dick to me sometimes. I don’t care though because when your not a dick your everything. You make me smile and laugh. You make me the happiest person but then you also make me feel like complete shit. I’ve given you everything. Really I don’t think you understand. You and your stupid laugh and smile. The way my heart flutters when your name pops up on my phone.  I hate everything about that.

You control me even if you don’t know it. You could ask me to rob a bank with you and I would go willingly. I’m head over heels, but more like Mount Everest over Badwater Basin.  It’s all because you made me fall in love with you. Why? Why would you do that to me if you didn’t plan on loving me back?

The thing is I can’t do it anymore. You can’t break me anymore. This is the last time. I can’t let you break me again. So to my something…I love you. Please just don’t make that happen again. Don’t make your stupid promises. Don’t laugh around me. Don’t ask me for anything. Let me live. Let this be the last time I love you.


Your Nothing



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