No Rehab for Love

My family has always had an addiction problem.

Mom was a drug addict and alcoholic.

Grandpa was an compulsive gambler.

Auntie had a sexual dependency.

The list goes on, but the thing is I promised I would never get addicted. I would stop myself. It wouldn’t happen to me.

Then I saw you my whole world collapsed. You were like mom’s first drink. Grandpa’s first big win. Auntie’s first time. All rolled in one. All I could think of was you.

You put the biggest smile on my face, but when you we’re gone it felt like everything was falling apart. All I wanted was you. You god you my drink. My first hit. My big win. You were it.

You were….are my addiction. You we’re love. Even if you weren’t in love.

The sad thing is there is no rehab for love.



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