What are you?

What are you? The question I get asked almost every day.

My answer I’m Savana.

I know that but I mean What are you?  They ask again

The thing is if I tell you “what” I am they look at me different like my sexuality changes me

I am no longer Savana I’m that “sinner” or “confused girl” or “homosexual”

But the thing is I’m no different I’m still me. I just love whoever I love no matter their parts.

I fall in love with peoples minds not their sexual parts.

How does that make me different than you the person who fell in love with you wife’s creativity or the way your husband laughs.

I don’t try to label you for that but you still ask What are you?

You may like labels for yourself but don’t try to force your labels on others. I am 

me. I am a seventeen year old girl who loves love. I am Savana. I am me.


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