I’ll Be Good

“Mom please wake up”

“I’m sorry I’ll do my spelling homework”

“Mom! Wake up!”

“Help please! My Mom won’t wake up!”

“What’s wrong with her!?! Help her please!”

“I don’t know she was talking to me then she didn’t respond so I opened the door and she was asleep on the floor”

“Daddy! I missed you. The lady thought you were dead too they were gonna take me to stay somewhere else”

“This is my room. My doll house. No I like it here. Is my mom okay?”

“But, is she okay?”

*2 Month Later*

“Is mom still alive?”

“I don’t care what she did! Is she okay?”

“I just want my mom!……Don’t touch me!”

“Mom please be okay I love you. I’ll be good. I promise to always do my homework and I’ll take the dogs out. Just please be okay mom”

*4 Months Later*


“I missed you too. I love you. I missed you mom.”

“No one would tell me if you were alive. I’m so happy your alive”


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