My Bucket List Essay

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” This quote from Zig Ziglar, is very important to think about when creating a bucket list. Being able to get as many things checked off in a short period of time is not what’s important; it’s about the experiences you have and how they change you.

I have many accomplishments I would like to make before I die. The most important to me is getting my degree in special needs children ministry. Through attaining this goal, I can accomplish other goals such as: making a difference, helping people with their walk with Christ, and making myself proud. I believe this is God’s plan for me to show people Him through ministering to kids that have a special place in my heart. I also want to fight for people’s rights. I have always believed everyone should have the same rights;  no one should be discriminated for his or her sexual preference, race, sexual orientation, and religion.


I have many fears I would like to conquer. Currently my biggest one is learning to control my OCD. It has been controlling my life for awhile now, and I don’t like how frustrated it makes me. I hope in the future I will have learned to better control it and not be as scared over things because of it. I would like in the future to be able to be spontaneous. The thought of doing things spontaneously actually terrifies me. I want to be able to spontaneously take a trip or make a cake and not have to think twice about it. I also would like to conquer my stage fright I love singing and acting, but i’m always to scared to perform in front of people.

There are many things that come to mind when I think of things I want to do, one of which, that revolves around most of them, is going on a mission trip abroad. When I do this, I want to learn about the different cultures and immerse myself in them. I love learning about people’s thoughts and feelings about their religions, and holidays, and foods. I would love to document of this in videos and post them online for other people that maybe wouldn’t be able to do these kinds of things to be able to experience it along with me.

In conclusion, I really would like to just live and make the world a better place as I do so. I want people to feel God’s love just as I have, and I want to learn the whole time as I do so.


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